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The New Celonis Studio Experience

Updated: Jun 26

New Celonis Studio was released and improves upon the Legacy views significantly. Overall design changes were not needed but well executed.


The New Celonis Studio Experience

Recently, Celonis released an update on its Studio that focused on user experience and development. Holistically, it combined the (Legacy) Views and Analyses into one look and feel that uses the best parts of both. Further, it updated the Studio package management system.


I historically have been negative on the user experience in the Legacy Views. It was difficult to quickly create an app for someone to use in depth. It was also rather stark and lacked the developer usability that made the Analyses so great for drafting ideas. While large apps benefit from the modularity in Views, quick analyses were often not possible. We would typically choose Analyses over Views.


Celonis Views
Celonis Views

That was before May 13, 2024. After a day of usage, I’ve found them to be much more developer friendly. They have added features that we commonly had to create manually into an easier to use format. One of the key changes is an “Interactive” mode that was sorely lacking from both Views and Analyses. Additionally, the dashboard screen now slightly “locks” components into place which makes it much easier to place than Legacy Views.


There were further changes that updated the look and feel of the Studio itself to be more reminiscent of other Celonis tools. You can now navigate to packages via cards that contain various information instead of just the left-hand sidebar. Overall, it’s a little confusing to have to get used to a whole new design, but it was well done.


However, as with all things, the update wasn’t perfect. As of this writing, They haven’t yet ported over container views, which were a client favorite in Legacy Views. Additionally, they made small changes to the PQL editor that will make the experienced developer have to change their workflow in very frustrating ways, such as having to manually add a column in the OLAP instead of being able to create one dynamically by selecting a data model table column.


All in all, the update has been a success. We will be spending some time to update all our applications into the new Views, stay tuned for a part two where we do a deeper debrief! How has your experience in the new Celonis Studio been?


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