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Experience the Doculabs Difference

Doculabs is a management consulting firm that delivers trusted advice for companies to achieve their digital objectives and goals, especially focused on creating business processes that work.  

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Our Story

Clients/companies today are focused on improving customer experience, not just processing transactions. Enterprises today need to find ways to create experiences that improve their delivery model.

Whether between customers, employee, partners, suppliers, prospects, or simply sources of information, companies are looking for ways to create experience to gain greater efficiency, effectiveness, and profit.

Doculabs has over a 30-year history of delivering excellent client service. We have 4 key
essentials to transformation:


  • Defining the vision and key objective

  • Value, KPI Measurement and Monitoring


  • Roles, Responsibilities, and Resources

  • Change Management, Delivery Methodology, Communications, and Training


  • Operation and Process Design

  • Policies and Procedures


  • Technology Architecture and Standards

  • Information Architecture

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300 S Wacker Ave

Chicago, IL 60606


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