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Flex Program

The Doculabs FLEX program is a consulting service that offers companies access to a process mining expert on a flexible as need basis.


This program provides clients with the opportunity to engage the services of a highly skilled consultants without the need to
hire a full-time employee or commit to a large
services contract.

Financial Consultation

Benefits of the Flex Program

Dollar Bills

Budget Friendly

In today’s uncertain economic climate you cannot be too careful about where to allocate your budget.  FTE commitments can be risky. FLEX offers a tiered pricing model by only paying for the process mining services they need, allowing companies to FLEX up or down when needed.

Stock Market Down

Team Expertise

Access to our entire team based on the need. Our team is made up of highly skilled onshore process mining consultants who bring decades of experience to the table. We offer a range of skills, including COE development, process reengineering, and problem-solving, allowing us to provide comprehensive solutions that address all aspects of your 
business processes.

Team Hugging

Part of Your Team

In the FLEX program we become part of your team and act as operators within it.  In addition, we provide executive support and guidance to clients, making sure our team is helping clients to continuously improve their processes and stay ahead of the competition.

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Chicago, IL 60606

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