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As a Celonis Platinum Partner, our process mining expertise can unlock the insights hidden within your data 

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Improve your ProcessMiningIQ

We're launching a new site called ProcessMiningIQ focused on providing insights an education on process mining. Sign up below to pre-register for your FREE introductory course

Improve your customers’ experiences. Our focused solutions combine our industry knowledge with Celonis’ process mining software.  

It’s time for you to end the guesswork related to your process performance and find out what’s working and what’s not. You can streamline what’s currently working while also identifying areas in need of a boost.


As Celonis Platinum Partners, we use their cutting-edge process mining capabilities to deliver turn-key consulting results across a variety of use cases.


We’ve hacked these processes with a combination of expertise and technology. Each solution is fine-tuned based on client goals to deliver rapid return on value.

Workflow Process Migration

Save money and time migrating your old workflows. The Doculabs Workflow Process Migration Solution provides you with a formula that cuts the time and cost of migrating to a new workflow system.

Claims Execution Management

Do you really know how well your claims process is performing? Retain and delight your customers by focusing on squeezing value from your claims processes.

Customer Service

Our proven, proprietary method using process mining from Celonis to drastically cut the time it takes to complete changes to customer accounts – improving satisfaction and retention.

Production Control Tower

We help you discover where your manufacturing process is broken; then help you fix it. Discover manufacturing process improvement opportunities you don’t even know are there.


Put an end to inaccurate timecards and manual adjustments that steal revenue from your pockets by slowing cash flow and increasing operating costs.

Adobe Workfront Optimization

Where’s that infographic?! Identify execution gaps in your content creation process. Marketing departments can now track their creative process with process mining.

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