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IDP Transformation

Organizations that still see millions of documents and images come through the front door each year are moving to an inflection point of what to do with your legacy capture/OCR solutions. The rise of Hyperscaler OCR (AWS, Microsoft, and Google) capabilities has emboldened organizations to say they can build their own OCR capacities on AWS or Microsoft platforms.  New tools with strong AI investments are being offered from new and existing market players that promise to deliver on the promise of touchless ingestion.  Or maybe what you have works good enough for today, but there are a few enhancements that can help you meet business demand.  Doculabs can help you answer the fundamental question for your organization.


Discover: Begin your practical S2P enhancement with ServiceNow through targeted workshops tailored to your business needs:


  • Session 1: Unveiling IDP Potential - This session focuses on understanding how IDP can revolutionize your document management and processing workflows.

  • Session 2: Readiness for Transformation - This session is dedicated to assessing your organization's preparedness for integrating IDP, including technology infrastructure and process alignment. We will also assess the technical and organizational readiness, including staff skills and IT infrastructure. 

  • Session 3: Technology Synergy and Integration - This session explores the practical aspects of IDP implementation, discussing the right tools and technologies, and how they can be integrated seamlessly into your existing systems. Identify key IDP technologies and solutions that align with your business needs and objectives. Plan for scalability and future growth, ensuring the chosen IDP solutions can evolve with your business needs.


Build the Blueprint: Actions that pave the way for effective business transformation and technology deployment.

Technology Selection
Process Evaluation
Business Case
Center of Excellence


Adoption and Evolution: Guide your organization through the adoption phase and beyond, towards a landscape of continuous improvement and innovation.

Process Reengineering
Technology Deployment
Program Roadmaps
Project Staffing

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