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Preparing for AI GRC

How are you managing AI trust and assurance in new applications?  There is a gap in current practices for policy development approach to prepare for the initial wave and day 2 use of AI and specifically generative AI tools.

Doculabs has recognized the pressing need to address the three key problem areas that arise when adopting AI:

  • AI Governance: Many companies are unaware of the sheer volume of AI systems operating within their organization, posing a significant governance challenge.

  • AI Risk Management: The responsibility for managing AI risks often falls on individuals not equipped to thoroughly test and understand these intricate systems.

  • AI Compliance: With a plethora of regulations emerging in 2024, ensuring compliance with these evolving standards becomes a critical concern for businesses.

Learn about our approach to services

Doculabs leverages a proven methodology used in hundreds of consulting engagements to deliver solutions for our customers. 


Discover: Three dynamic workshops to chart the most impactful path for your document processing needs.

  • Workshop 1: The Impact of  AI on Corporate Governance - Provides an introductory overview of AI governance, outlining its significance and main elements. This session prepares organizations for setting up a comprehensive AI governance framework by emphasizing its benefits for the financial industry.

  • Workshop 2: Risk Management and Compliance Alignment Workshop. Provides an interactive workshop aimed at aligning risk management and compliance initiatives with upcoming AI governance frameworks. This workshop will focus on identifying the organization’s current risk posture and compliance requirements in the context of AI deployment.

  • Workshop 3: Preliminary Technology Assessment. Reviews the current landscape of AI technology and governance. This session examines the existing technology systems to identify opportunities where AI can improve compliance and risk management.


Build the Blueprint: Actions that pave the way for effective business transformation and technology deployment. Our foundation services include: 

Governance Framework Development

Technology Infrastructure Assessment 

Governance Business Case


Adoption and Evolution: Services in the Forward phase are aimed at implementing, refining, and maintaining the forms strategy, ensuring continuous improvement and adaptation including the use of AI. Our forward services include: 

Governance Deployment and Maintenance


AI Governance Training and Support

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