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Is the Future Always Better?

Updated: Apr 17

Process Mining Tip of the Week #47

"We must beware of needless innovation, especially when guided by logic." ~ Winston Churchill


Back when I was working on my PhD, I published a paper on HTTP versions and tried to decipher whether or not version 2 was actually better than version 1.1. Now I find myself attempting to do the same within Celonis.


Celonis has used a particular dashboard UI, Analyses, since the early days back in 2017. It has been improved and expanded. Recently, they have introduced additional versions, entitled Views. This is a precursor to full Object Centric Process Mining (OCPM).


Should I use Object Centric Process Mining?


I'll give you my short answer first: size. The smallest View possible is less than half the size of the smallest Analysis possible, 8kb vs 4kb. This is hugely beneficial not only for Celonis but also for end users. This means that, in theory, it will take less time to transfer Views to the end user than Analyses, especially on poor networks.


The longer answer is the same: size. Because each view is smaller, they are able to create larger apps with a smaller footprint everywhere. Additionally, now that you can nest views, you have a modular system that takes up less space and requires less time to load.


Based on that assessment, I would take Views over Analyses any day.


However, the end user is the real consumer. And, as an end user of both Views and Analyses, I am reminded on my old paper. I will turn to Analyses 10/10 times if given the choice because they are faster to develop ideas in and easier to sketch out dashboards.


The end moral of the story is to always pick your weapon accordingly. You have the option of both Views and Analyses, choose the best one for the problem at hand.


Hope this tip of the week from ProcessMiningIQ helps you make better decisions in your

process mining journey.

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