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Everything is Cool When You’re Part of a Team – Saving Money

Posted by: Rick Tucker

Read up on three case studies demonstrating the clear cost savings that organizations in three different industries realized, using the expertise and objectivity of Doculabs’ consulting services.

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ECM Governance 101

Posted by: Lane Severson

Putting in place an effective and successful ECM governance program isn’t rocket science. Just remember what you learned in your freshman comp: write and develop a thesis, understand your audience, revise your drafts. 

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The Information Architecture Sweet Spot

Posted by: Joe Shepley

Planning to develop an information architecture for your business content? Take a look at the risk and value and the complexity of the business content in question  to make sure you assign appropriate resources so your  efforts achieve success and deliver value.

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Outbound Customer Communications: Author Once, Publish Many?

Posted by: James Watson

Pursuing a multi-channel customer communications strategy? We have some tips to help get you further down the road toward that seemingly elusive “author-once, publish-many” ideal.

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