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Posted by: Joe Shepley

So you missed the DIA conference on electronic document management in the life sciences? Our own Dr. Shepley will fill you in.

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CCM Roles and Responsibilities: The Document/Message Architect

Posted by: Tom Roberts

To design and drive a restructuring of customer-facing document content, you need a new role within your publishing team, with new responsibilities: the Document/Message Architect. Here’s why. 

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C-Suite Execs are Going to Jail; Companies Increasingly Fined – But Wait, There’s More….

Posted by: Scott Swanson

Corporations are being investigated on multiple fronts, adding to the large number of enforcement actions – and showing that fines are not just a “cost of doing business”.

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CMSWire: Quick-Start Guide to Archiving Documents in the Cloud

Posted by: Rich Medina

Understand your archiving requirements and the pros and cons of cloud-based archiving – before you make the leap to the cloud.

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