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Getting Food to the Big Box Retailer On Time - Optimizing Order Management

The intricate dance between large retailers and their suppliers, particularly in the food manufacturing sector, has reached a critical juncture, many big box retailers wield significant influence, dictating not just the quantity and timing of food shipments but also imposing strict deadlines for delivery to stores. These dynamics place a substantial burden on manufacturers, who must navigate a complex landscape of demands while striving to meet the stringent requirements set forth by these retail giants. And the difference in effectiveness often comes down to the capabilities of the organizations’ order management systems.


Get your product to market

The pressure to comply with these demands is compounded by the looming threat of harsh penalties for non-compliance. Food manufacturers find themselves walking a tightrope, balancing the need to manage inventory effectively with the imperative to meet the expectations and timelines imposed by large retailers. This delicate balancing act requires order management departments to operate with precision and agility, constantly monitoring the status of orders and optimizing logistics operations to ensure timely and accurate delivery.


The food manufacturing industry is unique and needs specialized solutions for order management

Adding to the complexity is the sensitivity of perishable products to weather conditions. Food manufacturers must ensure that products are kept in coolers or refrigerated storage to maintain freshness and prevent spoilage. This adds another layer of logistical challenge, as transportation and storage conditions must be carefully managed to avoid compromising product quality. The risk of spoilage due to temperature fluctuations or improper handling further underscores the critical importance of efficient order management and logistics operations in the food manufacturing industry.


Doculabs' Order Management Solution, built on Celonis, the top Gartner Magic Quadrant process mining tool, offers a comprehensive suite of advanced analytics and process automation capabilities to help food manufacturers streamline and optimize their order to cash processes. With features such as automated invoice generation, collection oversight, and payment processing, food manufacturers can enhance cash flow, monitor company specific KPI’s, and make informed data-driven decisions.


How does process mining support order management?

The process mining capabilities offer advanced analytics not found in standard ERP packages.  Doculabs' solution enables food manufacturers to leverage existing data to analyze and identify bottlenecks or inefficiencies in the order to cash cycle, helping you improve process efficiency, ensure on time delivery, and reduce the risk of spoilage.


‘In aggregate – Doculabs clients have seen about a 45% reduction in rejected sales orders using process mining tools’


Additionally, the solution provides a seamless customer experience through straight-through processing, fostering customer satisfaction and loyalty.


By prioritizing process efficiency, customer experience, and data-driven insights, Doculabs' Order Management Solution empowers food manufacturers to drive revenue growth, reduce operational costs, and improve customer satisfaction. This comprehensive order-centric approach, coupled with process mining and reporting capabilities, sets Doculabs apart in the cloud-based order to cash software space. In essence, Doculabs' solutions are tailored to help food manufacturers optimize their order to cash cycle, maximize profitability, reduce costs, foster long-term customer loyalty, and continuously improve processes through data-driven insights.

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