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Our combination of industry and intelligent automation knowledge is unsurpassed.  The Doculabs’ team understands the ins and outs of the industries we serve. In fact, we’ve been where you are – automation and process leaders in our organizations tasked with improving processes.  


This gives us – and you – a jumpstart into identifying where you need the most help in your intelligent automation journey. Our industry expertise and process knowledge provides a fast return on value in all of the industries below.

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In a document-intensive business, process efficiency is crucial

Insurance companies face several headwinds as they strive to improve process efficiency. These include security for high-risk customer data, customer experience and retention, and compliance with state and federal regulations are just a few.

Financial services firms face unique process automation and content management challenges

Banks, investment management firms, and other financial services institutions face greater competition in acquiring and retaining customers. At the same time, they are under pressure to reduce operational costs. In an uncertain and highly competitive market, financial services firms are looking for cost-effective ways to capture greater market share and increase customer retention


 Financial Services 



Facing difficult process automation challenges, especially from Industry 4.0

As manufacturers confront rising costs, supply chain disruptions, and labor challenges, inefficient processes prevent effective action to address these issues with agility. Many organizations have looked to Industry 4.0 and other digital initiatives to help drive efficiencies. The initiatives have provided step-level improvements, but they have also overwhelmed manufactures with data – and underwhelmed with the ability to leverage the data.

Healthcare faces significant info management challenges and opportunities

Healthcare providers, payers, pharmacies, and drug and medical device manufacturers face some of the heaviest regulations of any industry, even as their success depends on document-intensive processes and transactions. And the widening public debate about healthcare in the U.S. has put increased pressure on all stakeholders in the system to find ways to decrease costs, improve outcomes, and foster transparency and patient centricity. Digitization and improved patient communications will help healthcare companies succeed.

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 Life Sciences 

Helping Life Sciences Organizations Succeed

The challenges to Life Sciences organizations are made more difficult by the fact that most large organizations are struggling with what to do about document management technology, from ailing legacy systems to the risks and uncertainty of cutting-edge cloud/SaaS offerings. Doculabs has helped many organizations in the life sciences industry manage key information to improve their processes and their decisions, and to ensure effective regulatory compliance.

Empowering Retailers to Success in Today's Market

Retailers of all sizes face very similar challenges: high labor and material costs, difficulty managing supply chain, and ever evolving, high expectations from customers. Doculabs has over 30 years of experience helping companies improve their customer experience, streamline supply and demand processes, automate back-office process to allow employees to focus on customers, and find efficiencies in existing processes


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 Consumer Products 

Innovative Solutions for Consumer Products

Consumer product companies have been hit with a broad range of challenges to their business, such as consumer personalization and omni-channel shopping. Our proven track record can help consumer product companies improve their customer experience, streamline supply and demand processes, automate back-office processes to allow employees to focus on customers, manage data and document migration, and find efficiencies in existing processes.

Utilities face unique workflow and process automation challenges.

The utilities industry depends on many document-based processes to safely and reliably provide electricity and gas services. If those documents aren't routed correctly via process automation, customer service suffers (as does revenue). Process mining can identify gaps in these document-based processes -- customer response times/delays, for example -- and provide a path to correcting the process, which leads to happy customers.


Energy & Utilities

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