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"Process Mining and BI Tools: Unveiling the Play-by-Play for Business Optimization"

In a previous post, my buddy Marty Pavlik outlined the difference between BI tools and Process Mining.  You can read the details here

I was recently discussing this topic with a group of insurance claims directors and was looking for the right analogy to use to explain these difference and came up with the difference between the box score and the play-by-play (I will admit to being a die-hard Cubs fan and it is baseball season).

The analogy goes something like this – the baseball box score is a great way to look at how individual performers did at their job in a game.  The box score has detail, how many at bats a player has, how many hits, runs, RBIs, walks, etc.. A tidy dashboard of the days activity, quickly digestible and easy to share. It really is great! But it doesn't tell the story of the game.

Box Score - Dodgers @ Cubs 2024

Process Mining helps you understand the story

It is hard to get the real detail of the game unless you also look at the play-by-play. What was the situation at the time of the at bat, who was pitching, who was on base, how many batters came to the plate in an inning, etc. This is a much more detailed view that leads to better questions – how strong is Nico Hoerner when Dansby Swanson is already on third base and 2 outs. 

Play-by-Play Summary
Play-by-Play Summary

Play-by-Play Detail
Play-by-Play Detail

Understanding the play-by-play is what you want to know in business process optimization.

for example the box score doesn't provide the detail that Suzuki got on base in the bottom of the 4th inning because of a hit by a pitch - that might slow him down, or cause an issue later in the game that might need to be addressed.

Looking at the Business Intelligence box score is great for a quick understanding of how many claims were processes, what is the average spend on bodily injury claims this week, how many supplemental claims were created.

But what Process Mining – play-by-play details - give you is the real story of how claims are flowing. How many claims were incorrectly assigned before being paid, what caused bodily injury claims to have 15 more touches than typical collision claim, and why did ABC body shop submit 35% more supplemental claims than other regional providers.

Is there a misassignments issue, a training issue, fraud?

Ready to step up to the big leagues of process intelligence.

Learn more about how you can understand your play-by-play let us know.

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