Oil & Gas

The oil and gas industry faces unique content management challenges.

Oil and gas is an industry where information management is becoming increasingly critical, particularly for upstream and midstream companies. Upstream, exploration and production projects generate vast volumes of well file documentation, while also requiring maintenance of supporting documents – from SOPs, to bids and proposals, to division orders and land records. Downstream operations involve complex contracts that must be created, reviewed, and managed, plus the documentation associated with facilities and asset management and regulatory submissions.

You face a unique combination of content management challenges:

  • The need to reduce exploration, development, and operating costs through effective management of information, to enable better decision-making
  • Increasing requirements for legislative and regulatory compliance, in the face of heightened environmental concerns, mergers and acquisitions, and potential e-discovery
  • Information that needs to be accessible to workers at multiple geographic locations, many of them remote

We can put information management to work for you.

For more than 25 years, Doculabs has been working with companies in the oil and gas industry to help them streamline operations and reduce risk by optimizing the technology they use to support document-intensive business processes. Contact Doculabs for help with information management, ECM, information governance, data migration or information security in the oil and gas industry.