Insurance Carriers Face Unique Content Management Challenges

The insurance industry is among the most document-intensive businesses there is, plus it's subject to regulation at both the state and federal levels. The ECM technologies of imaging, content management, and workflow, among others, are a key part of improving process efficiency at insurance firms.

As an insurance carrier, you face unique challenges for managing content:

  • The need to provide appropriate security to protect sensitive and high-risk information such as personally identifiable information (PII), protected health information (PHI), and payment card industry (PCI) data
  • A mature and highly competitive market, with operational excellence a key part of competitive advantage
  • Importance of service for customer retention, particularly given customers heightened expectations for responsiveness to inquiries or issues
  • Compliance with regulatory requirements at both the state and federal levels
  • The need to decrease time to market for new products and services and to easily identify opportunities to cross-sell products and services
  • The need to improve customer experience and attract younger demographics

Helping Insurance Carriers Succeed

Doculabs has worked with the leading insurers, conducting maturity benchmarks to help them assess their current use of ECM and helping them make more effective use of their ECM technology investments, in applications specific to insurance. We also understand the business imperatives that insurers face for multi-channel communication with their customers. As the use of mobile devices continues to rise, print communication is no longer the best way to reach many of your customers. We work with insurance carriers to develop the communication strategies they need to reach new channels and to better serve their customers with service improvements that can lead to increased customer retention and organizational growth.

Contact Doculabs for help with information management, ECM, information governance, data migration or information security in the insurance industry.

The insurance industry is under increasing pressure to use new channels to market products and services. Many firms are having to rethink the tools that they've been using to communicate with their customers.

Tom Roberts, Doculabs, Inc.