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Process Mining in Shipping: An Undelivered Opportunity

I ordered a piece of electronics for my home office from an Electronics Supply company and eagerly awaited my delivery. Unfortunately, UPS had other plans. 

Real-time updates are important

This is a perfect example of rework.

This has been happening as long as there have been deliveries. An undesired path in the route of a package. With the advent of technology, we have all grown painfully aware of the impact of delays simply because we are more expectant of good performance. Additionally, it is now far easier to check the status of a package than it is to traverse rush hour traffic in a Chicago suburb. 

Real-time updates are important


Real-time updates are important

But here's the rub. Looking at the status updates, the carrier knew of the delay by 3pm the expected day of delivery. However, I didn't receive an update email until the next morning at 9am. Then it happened again!


A missed opportunity, but one that could be identified easily with process mining.

While this piece of electronics was not critical in my home office, it could have been had this been a commercial delivery. And that 18 hours could have been crucial to procure a replacement part. This is why real-time updates are important in a setting where users are involved. With an execution management system, this could have been identified earlier and I could have been notified the minute the delay was identified, giving me ample time to readjust.

Hope this tip from ProcessMiningIQ helps you in your process mining journey!

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