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Process Mining Tip of the Week #38

Updated: Nov 27, 2023

Process Mining your Thanksgiving Dinner Plan

We talk a lot about processes around here, and last week the team was comparing thanksgiving recipes in the lead up to Turkey Day. We have the stuffing in or out of the bird, the wet vs dry brine, the baste or don’t baste, the gravy with or without drippings, and then to roast, to fry, or to smoke crew.

As we were digging through, we realized that cooking a thanksgiving meal has a process, and thus process variants and alternative successful paths we found that experimenting with new options was actually the best part of many peoples Thanksgiving experience. Not that we suggest you lean out your family traditions this week but think about how hard you have worked over the years to perfect your family bird, and how hard it can be to change. In the end be thankful that Uncle Al isn’t critiquing your approach to automation like he does the consistency of your mashed potatoes.

One thing we did learn was the best way to make this process more efficient is to add BACON!!!

An enticing option for those who may not typically enjoy traditional turkey dishes. Written by Meghan Splawn, the article emphasizes the ease and impressive presentation of this alternative turkey preparation. The author highlights that wrapping a turkey in bacon not only eliminates the need for brining, salting, or basting but also creates a flavorful and crispy "skin" that contrasts well with the tender turkey meat.

The article suggests that a Bacon-Wrapped Turkey serves as a solution for individuals who find traditional turkey less appealing. It introduces the concept of using bacon as a barrier of salt, fat, and moisture to keep the turkey moist and add flavor during the cooking process. Additionally, the article introduces a secret ingredient called "Bacon Butter," a mixture of chopped bacon and butter that enhances the turkey's taste and helps keep the bacon in place during cooking.

The piece also provides practical tips for weaving a bacon "blanket" around the turkey, emphasizing the importance of using butter as glue, choosing longer strips of bacon for better coverage, and weaving the strips tightly to prevent shrinking. The article concludes with instructions on roasting the Bacon-Wrapped Turkey, with a notable difference of adding water to the roasting pan to create steam and prevent the bacon from sliding off or burning. Finally, it advises on serving and carving the turkey, ensuring the bacon lattice remains intact for an appealing presentation.

Happy Thanksgiving from the team at Doculabs and ProcessMiningIQ

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