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Content Services Renewal

Organizations that still see millions of documents and images come through the front door each year are moving to an inflection point of what to do with your legacy capture/OCR solutions. The rise of Hyperscaler OCR (AWS, Microsoft, and Google) capabilities has emboldened organizations to say they can build their own OCR capacities on AWS or Microsoft platforms. New tools with strong AI investments are being offered from new and existing market players that promise to deliver on the promise of touchless ingestion. Or maybe what you have works good enough for today, but there are a few enhancements that can help you meet business demand. Doculabs can help you answer the fundamental question for your organization.


Three dynamic workshops to chart the most impactful path for your document processing needs. 

Workshop 1: Modernization and Migration Readiness - This session will assess your existing content management systems against modern digital standards, identifying key areas where cloud migration and digital enhancements are necessary. We'll prioritize services that align with your digital transformation goals and set realistic timelines for transitioning from legacy content systems. 

Workshop 2: Taxonomy and Governance Structuring - We will develop an actionable plan for establishing structured, searchable content taxonomies and creating a Center of Excellence (COE) to guide the transition. Additionally, this session will focus on developing governance policies to manage risks and ensure compliance, as well as outlining a program model for change management and staff training. 

Workshop 3: Operational Efficiency and Advanced Analytics Implementation - The final session will concentrate on implementing redesigned processes for operational efficiency, integrating conversation analytics for deeper customer insights, and leveraging IDP for improved data handling. We’ll discuss the deployment of interactive e-forms and the utilization of rich media for content delivery, as well as the application of process mining and automation to streamline workflows.


Build the Blueprint: Following the outcomes of our targeted workshops, Doculabs will design a precise, actionable framework to facilitate your digital transition.

Technology Selection
Content Taxonomy 
Migration Factory
Policy and Governance


Services in the Forward phase are aimed at implementing, refining, and maintaining the digital content services strategy, ensuring continuous improvement and adaptation.

Process Reengineering
Data Lineage
Program Roadmaps
COE - Change Management

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