Who We Are


Doculabs is a management consulting firm that delivers trusted advice for companies to achieve their digital objectives and goals. We help companies accelerate their digital objectives through a variety of consulting services, including development of strategic vision and roadmaps, business cases, program design, process mining and redesign, technology evaluation, delivery methodology and governance models.

Our most recent offering, the Claims Execution Management Solution, combines our decades of experience in optimizing business processes with process mining and allows clients to understand their claims process based on real data. For an short, entertaining look at how this solution works, click here to watch A True Look Into Your Claims Process

Our clients rely on us to help them deliver a better customer experience, automate operations, and use technology to reduce costs. Clients seek our executive-level mindset in looking at their digital transformations, and they seek our objective advice when examining their organization’s strategy, capabilities, technology, and processes.

Doculabs offers in-depth expertise and empirical knowledge in digital transformation across a number of industries, including financial services, insurance, energy, manufacturing, and life sciences. Our recommendations are based on our experience and private data from hundreds of consulting engagements over more than 25 years. As trusted advisors, we provide our clients recommendations that are completely objective.

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