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October 9, 2018
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October 25, 2018

Video: Three Components of Successful Digital Transformation

The Three Components of Digital Transformation

There are three markers that predict success with a digital transformation initiative:

  1. Executive support
  2. A culture of process improvement
  3. A mature enterprise technology architecture

Executive and management buy-in is critical.

Executive support: Buy-in from the top down is necessary for change management, and is one of the critical components of a successful digital transformation. Without it, middle level managers and worker bees won’t succeed.

You should promote a culture of process improvement.

A culture of process improvement: When an organization is imbued with an ethos of analysis, diagnosis and continuous improvement, you’re not just throwing technology at the problem. You’re improving business processes, transforming them to make them digital first—or born digital.

When enterprise architecture is unified and mature, there’s a greater chance of success.

A mature enterprise architecture function. This is the technology component, when requests come in, you can standardize the response. Without a unified, mature platform, people procure their own technology without oversight and you have the problem of shadow IT.

A tangle of systems makes it very difficult to support those new business processes.

Oh yes, you also need hard work and a little luck.

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Joe Shepley
Joe Shepley
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