April 12, 2017
Change Management Information Security Information Management

Change Management Initiatives in Information Security and Information Management

In this post, Joe Shepley takes up change management—typically the most overlooked aspect of information management. Understand, though, that you’re about to change the way everyone works with their day-to-day business documents—and commit accordingly to doing some change management on behalf of those users.
April 10, 2017
Clean Up Content for Information Security

Clean up Your Content Repository for Better Information Security

Content cleanup means purging it of unnecessary items and appropriately archiving the ones that are necessary to your business. Doing so allows you to reduce your overall unstructured data footprint -- i.e. leaving you with less junk and stale data to distract you, as well as less sensitive data to protect, thereby reducing the overall risk posed by your unstructured data.
March 22, 2017
Aligning Policies: Information Management and Information Security

Aligning Policies: Information Management and Information Security

Joe Shepley takes up the five components of an information management program framework CISOs can adopt to help minimize the impact of a data breach. This post: why it's important to align corporate information management policies with your defensible disposition playbook.
March 15, 2017
Information Management Strategy begins with Defensible Content Disposition Playbook

Why You Need a Defensible Content Disposition Playbook

Joe Shepley outlines the components of the defensible content disposition playbook and why it's so critical to addressing the legal risks associated with data purge and migration.