May 21, 2018
Does the US Need GDPR?

Does the U.S. Need GDPR?

Are all those new terms of service really just businesses and other organizations self-regulating when it comes to privacy standards and customer control over data? Does that mean the U.S. Congress will forgo nationwide GDPR-style privacy regulations?
August 17, 2017

Video: The Digital Transformation of ECM

Lane Severson offers a quick overview of digital transformation and how it impacts business processes, from beginning to end.
March 29, 2017
Information Management Procedures

Aligning Information Management Procedures to Purge or Migrate Data

Joe Shepley continues with his series on Doculabs’ information management program framework. This week's post outlines the step-by-step procedures to have in place for your technical resources to use when migrating and purging data—procedures which, if followed, will make it reasonable for a future court or regulatory body to assume that your policies are also being followed.