June 4, 2018
Comply with GDPR

The Impact of GDPR: Predicting the Possible and the Whacky

No one knows what will happen as GDPR comes into force. But plenty of people are offering a plethora of predictions, from what kind of company will be affected to the future of similar regulations in the U.S. to the connection between GDPR and cyber attacks. Whatever is true—or not—the best preparation is good information governance.
February 21, 2018
Managing Abandoned Data

Video: What to Do With Abandoned Data

What do you do with content with no owner? Build a policy and process to quarantine and dispose of orphaned data. But watch out for legal hold or record-worthiness.
March 15, 2017
Information Management Strategy begins with Defensible Content Disposition Playbook

Why You Need a Defensible Content Disposition Playbook

Joe Shepley outlines the components of the defensible content disposition playbook and why it's so critical to addressing the legal risks associated with data purge and migration.