Strategy and Roadmap


Do you have the right enterprise content management (ECM) strategy? Do you have a plan to execute on that strategy? Contact us to see how Doculabs can help you with your ECM strategy and roadmap.


Challenges in ECM Deployment

Organizations need content management solutions that serve the enterprise and the extended enterprise. But cost matters just as much as benefits – including the long-term costs of hardware, maintenance, and support. And ultimately, the solution you roll out has to be one that people will actually use. That’s why development of a strategy is vital to the effective deployment of enterprise content management (ECM) technologies.

Overcome the Challenges With a Strategy

Doculabs will help you see the bigger picture:

Follow-through Using an Actionable Roadmap

Then we’ll work with you to create a 3- to 5-year plan for rolling out the new ECM capabilities – a “roadmap” with:

  • Outlines of all initiatives with their interdependencies
  • Technology projects
  • Information Lifecycle Management
  • Change Management and Program Governance

Graphic-based Deliverables

Finally, we know you’ll have to communicate your recommendations to multiple constituencies at your organization. So we present our recommendations in graphic-based deliverables that give a complete view of our findings, showing both the strategy and the roadmap in a visual format that’s both easy to understand and easy to share with stakeholders, helping you achieve buy-in for the future initiatives.

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