SharePoint Factory


Looking to deploy or manage your Microsoft SharePoint sites more effectively? Do you have the right plan to migrate your legacy content? To establish a series of Best Practices contact Doculabs to help build your SharePoint Factory.


Many organizations are making Microsoft SharePoint the tool of choice for managing unstructured content. And many of them are discovering that despite the usability and flexibility of the SharePoint product, deploying it effectively requires an enterprise strategy to consistently manage the growing number of SharePoint sites and to be able to leverage the content of those sites – the reason they rolled out the tool in the first place.

Doculabs has worked with a wide range of organizations as they bring SharePoint into their technology environments. From those engagements, we’ve formulated a series of best practices for SharePoint implementations. We call it the “SharePoint Factory,” and it’s designed to:

We’ll work with you to develop SharePoint for your specific business process areas – including:

In addition, we’ll help you develop a plan for migrating your legacy content – whether from shared drives or other content repositories. To assist you in the rollout, we can also develop:

  • A training and communication plan
  • An organizational change management plan
  • A go-live support plan to ensure your users transition effectively to the new SharePoint templates

Most important of all, our approach involves both business users (and owners of the business process) and your SharePoint development team. We facilitate sessions in which we map the processes and prototype the site templates to support each of those processes. It’s an approach that helps ensure user buy-in and speeds the time to benefit, ultimately allowing you to achieve the greatest value from your SharePoint investment.

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