Program Governance


You’re building an ECM framework to meet the needs of your organization. You have to plan both the initial steps and overall governance. To see how Doculabs can help you better control your content, contact us.


Obstacles to ECM Deployment and Adoption

Many organizations deploy enterprise-wide technologies to improve their control of unstructured content, only to confront a set of obstacles they never anticipated:

  • Difficulties aligning the ECM capabilities with business needs
  • Decisions concerning how the solution will be deployed
  • Users who are reluctant to change their ways of working
  • Inefficient processes that should not be automated “as is”

The Solution - Effective Governance

Effective governance is the answer to each of these challenges. For many organizations, the best way to ensure quality ECM solutions (and ultimately a successful ECM deployment) is to establish an internal program for information management practices. Doculabs offers Program Governance services to assist you in all areas of building out such a program at your organization.

We can help you determine the approach that will enable you to best achieve your information management objectives, which might include:

  • Accelerating the time to deliver solutions
  • Minimizing customization and integration in favor of configuration
  • Defining processes and metrics to track user adoption and success levels

Then we’ll work with you to:

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