Migrating Data


Many companies are now aware of the cost and risk of holding on to too much data. That’s why so many organizations migrate documents and unstructured content from shared drives to Microsoft SharePoint. For help contact Doculabs.


The Problem With Shared Drives

The problem with shared drives is among the most significant information management challenges facing corporations today. At many organizations, the shared drive is the “go-to” location for electronic files – for both work-in-progress and final versions, even when alternative repositories are available. And the larger the organization, the more shared drives there are – each of them a siloed repository that precludes the kind of information-sharing that’s the basis for cross-departmental collaboration.

With as much as 20 to 30 years’ worth of unstructured data stored on those drives, there is a growing awareness that this content presents both risk and cost to an organization. Many companies are looking for a way to address the shared drive problem. One of the most effective solutions is to migrate content from shared drives to Microsoft SharePoint.

The Solution

Doculabs offers a methodology that puts in place a sound foundation for SharePoint success – a methodology that involves a combination of process redesign, information architecture, information lifecycle governance, and agile SharePoint development practices.

We’ve helped a number of organizations successfully migrate gigabytes, terabytes, and even petabytes of documents and other unstructured content off of shared drives and onto document management systems. The result is improved operational inefficiency, as well as significant reduction in IT, legal, and compliance costs – as well as better practices around records management and information management that reduce risk for an organization.

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