Making the Case for ECM


It’s important to make the right business case for ECM. Much depends upon establishing the right KPIs for the return on your ECM investments. Contact Doculabs for help making the case.


The Difficulties in Getting Funded for ECM

Doculabs understands that technology budgets aren’t limitless; organizations have to make the business case for IT investment. We also understand that the business case for enterprise content management (ECM) is not always the easiest case to make.

We know from experience that organizations struggle when it comes to quantifying the return on investment (ROI) for an ECM initiative. Many organizations that are facing significant content management challenges can’t seem to allocate funding for ECM – whether for targeted projects affecting specific business processes or for infrastructure initiatives designed for enterprise-wide deployment.

How We Can Help

We are experts in the benefits of ECM and how its components technologies serve a wide range of strategic business objectives. We can help you develop an ECM strategy that aligns with your organization’s corporate business strategy. Then, because we know you also need to get buy-in and consensus, we’ll develop a business case that quantifies the hard-dollar returns of making the recommended ECM investments, using your own data in the calculations, along with industry data to fill any gaps. Here's a look at the framework we use to model the business case for ECM.

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