Information Risk and Governance


You're aware that proper information management can mitigate risk and drive value for your organization. But how do you put the right frameworks in place and ensure follow-through to implementation? We can help. Contact us for more information on our information risk and governance services.


At many firms, information governance is regarded as a cost of doing business, focused exclusively on risk reduction. Others have realized that there is also intrinsic value in the information itself – information that can be leveraged to generate revenue, improve operational efficiency, and enable competitive advantage. Doculabs provides information risk and governance services to address both perspectives.

Information Risk Management Framework

Information security and privacy is no longer just about building stronger walls. To protect sensitive data (PII, PHI, etc.) it's important to manage corporate data - structured and unstructured - behind those walls. Doculabs developed a framework that leverages information management to reduce risk surface. The smaller the amount of data at risk, the smaller the impact of a breach. Doculabs can deliver on any, or all, of these three information risk management components to bolster your privacy, compliance and information security initiatives: 
  1. Discover – uncover and analyze your sensitive data
  2. Plan – create strategies and develop tactics for managing sensitive data
  3. Remediate – address problems that have been identified

Information Governance Framework

We offer a framework for information governance that’s designed to help enterprise organizations derive value from their information management competencies, making information governance a source of competitive advantage and strategic value.  The components of the Doculabs Information Governance Framework include:
  • Information architecture
  • Policies and procedures
  • Process
  • Technology
  • Roles and responsibilities
  • Governance
  • Financials and metrics
  • Communications and training
Organizations that have implemented our information governance framework recognize a wide range of benefits, including consolidation of governance disciplines and activities and avoidance of regulatory fines. But Doculabs’ framework also provides increased opportunity to leverage improved information management for business value in areas such as:
  • Company Brand
  • Customer Data
  • Analytics
  • Product Development Knowledge
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