Benchmark Program


When it comes to ECM, EFSS, capture, or overall information governance, do you know how your organization stacks up against your peers and competitors? Contact us to find out about the Doculabs Benchmark Program.


The Need to Benchmark

Many organizations build their technology requirements against a deluge of business requests. IT is so focused on chasing the business need, that they can’t take the time to look at how their industry peers have addressed a similar problem (whether successfully or unsuccessfully). Or their only available information on how to solve the problem is a single case study that a technology provider is willing to share.

Insights Provided by Benchmark Services

Doculabs offers a better way for you to learn how well your operations compare to those of your peers. Over the past 23 years, Doculabs has built a reference peer group and collected empirical data, building a capabilities maturity model and a program to:

Benchmark services are available for these areas.

We have applied our methodology to a number of key areas, including:

  • Capture Operations
  • Enterprise Content Management
  • Microsoft SharePoint
  • Information Governance
  • Print and Mail

We also offer extended benchmark services, with an initial inaugural assessment, quarterly assessments, and 1-year annual review, followed by a year of quarterly assessments and a second year-end evaluation – all designed to provide input and perspective as you roll out the benchmark recommendations.

The Benchmark Program is an effective tool for identifying the areas that can be improved in your organization. Doculabs Strategy and Planning services can complement these efforts to help build your tactical vision for improving information management.
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