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Process Mining: You Have the Data, Start Understanding Your Business Processes ASAP

Process Mining - you have the data Image is a super hero explaining process mining to a table of executives in animated format

You’ve all heard the saying “Can’t see the forest for the trees.” With so much system data available today, it’s easy to either become distracted by everything you CAN measure or being unsure that you have too little of the right information to measure effectively.

We hear both sides from our clients and potential clients. They often express concern about not having enough data to get started using a process mining tool like Celonis to get an understanding of their business processes. They do.

The opposite challenge is equally problematic. To mix metaphors, “boiling the ocean” of all the available data can create a fog that hides the entire forest.

Between these two fears (and extremes), there’s a path through the trees that leads to using data to create business value.

Scroll down to our video for a quick explanation, or keep reading for a quick primer on process mining (and then watch the video).

An End to Process Black Boxes

You have the data. It’s in your legacy process management, workflow, ERP, or CRM systems.

The problem has historically been the difficulty in assessing this data in a usable way to understand how a business process is really working. Organizations have relied on a jumble of spreadsheets and subject matter experts doing their best to interpret the data about business processes.

Process mining tools extract data from your existing system’s event logs. This allows you to see what employees and connected systems are actually doing and to see the real process, not the one created on a whiteboard in a conference room a decade ago.

With process mining, you can quickly identify the execution gaps, bottlenecks, and rework that continually inhibit efficiency, service levels, and profits.

Getting Started is Easier Than You Thought

More is not always better. Keep it simple to start with and you will very quickly prove the ROI potential to C-suite leaders. Avoid the analysis paralysis trap by selecting a process known to be problematic and with direct customer experience or bottom-line impact.

With a minimum of three key data fields, you can have your analysis up and running within days.

Check out our video for a quick explanation of the process mining data (non) problem.

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