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Doculabs’ New Production Control Tower Solution Provides Manufacturers Previously Impossible Insight

Updated: Mar 30, 2023

April 14, 2022 – Chicago – Doculabs, a management consulting firm and 2021 Celonis Americas Region Services Partner of the Year, announces the release of its Production Control Tower Solution. Built on the Celonis Execution Management System platform, the solution uses process mining and Doculabs’ expertise to streamline manufacturing processes and assist with continuous process improvement initiatives.

Manufacturers are currently drowning in data – IoT data, transactional data from ERP systems, MES data, machine data, and more. This data is almost always in disparate systems with no clear way to link analysis to action.

Manufacturers need to measure in real time how production processes are performing and when they underperform why they underperformed. They need to understand what deviations are occurring within their processes and their effect on productivity.

Manufacturers need to have a real-time view into their processes with the ability to drilldown to the crucial operations to understand their impact on overall throughput and quality.

The Production Control Tower (PCT) Solution provides a previously impossible insight into shopfloor performance by creating a digital replication of shopfloor processes. The PCT provides manufacturers with critical KPIs like cycle times, throughput, overall equipment effectiveness (OEE), first pass yields, scrap rate/rework rate, and more.

These KPIs are critical, but PCT’s secret sauce is the ability to drill into the processes on the shopfloor that generate the KPIs. This allows manufacturers to better understand the “Why” and “How” of the KPIs. PCT allows companies to integrate their manufacturing data sources across key manufacturing processes to:

  • Measure output in real time to see how the process is truly performing

  • Identify process deviations and prioritize which have the greatest impact on productivity, quality, and on-time delivery

  • Implement solutions quickly

  • Monitor solution effectiveness

“With the Production Control Tower (PCT), we provide manufacturers with insights they have always wanted, but never thought were possible. We help eliminate the long hours of tracking cycle times with stopwatches and manually documenting the process.” says Rick Hassman, Manufacturing Practice Lead at Doculabs. “The digital replication that PCT creates for manufacturing operations truly makes continuous improvement efforts much more efficient.”

Designed to deliver rapid ROI, a Production Control Tower engagement can be delivered in 8 weeks (depending on project scope) – from initial diagnostic of the current production process(es) to analysis and recommendations report.

To learn more about the Doculabs Production Control Tower Solution, please contact us at or give us a call at (312) 733-7793.

You can listen to the explanation of the Production Control Tower and watch the demonstration of the product in action in the videos below.

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