Our Team

James K. Watson, Jr., PhD

CEO and Founder

James founded Doculabs in 1993, based on three simple principles: objective recommendations, analysis grounded in benchmark data, and a specialization in content-based applications. Under his leadership, Doculabs has established itself as one of the foremost consultancies in the content and information management market space, with clients that include most of the Fortune 100. As a spokesman for Doculabs’ perspective on the industry, James is a frequent speaker at technology and business conferences. He also serves as executive sponsor or lead consultant on numerous Doculabs consulting engagements, with expertise in architecting enterprise strategies to address information management, information governance, and customer communications, particularly for organizations in the insurance and financial services industries. James was also responsible for creating the industry’s only peer-group benchmarking service that examines the metrics associated with deploying and managing ECM systems on an enterprise level. Prior to forming Doculabs, James held positions within the printing systems group at Xerox Corporation and the mainframe division of NCR Corporation. B.S., Business Administration, University of Colorado; M.B.A., University of Chicago; Ph.D., University of Illinois at Chicago
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Joe Fenner

Vice President of Consulting

Joe brings 24 years of professional experience and market knowledge to assist organizations in using information management technologies to achieve their business goals. He works with Doculabs clients to identify the strategies that best meet their requirements, developing recommendations and actionable roadmaps to implement those strategies. As a member of Doculabs’ executive management team, Joe helps to set the firm’s direction, assisting in long-term planning and working to ensure Doculabs’ growth and success. As a consultant, he has worked with clients across North America in a wide range of industries, including financial services, insurance, life sciences, manufacturing, telecommunications, and government. He has also developed transition plans for technology initiatives, helping clients move forward with phased deployment plans to help ensure successful implementation. Prior to joining Doculabs, Joe worked at Andersen Consulting (now Accenture) in the FOUNDATION Software Development organization, and was responsible for developing user documentation and training for clients. Previously, he was an editor and writer for various trade publications at Cahners Publishing. B.A., English (Technical Communication), Miami University (Ohio)
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Rick Tucker

Vice President, Sales and Marketing

Rick Tucker has 17 years of experience in information management technologies, focusing on enterprise content management (ECM) technologies and their applications to business processes. As a member of the senior management team at Doculabs, he is responsible for setting corporate direction and driving growth. As Vice President of Sales and Marketing, Rick is closely involved in working with Doculabs clients to help them manage information. He assists Doculabs consultants in developing new products and services, including Doculabs’ services in information governance, and works with sales and marketing staff to promote Doculabs’ products and services. Rick is principally responsible for Doculabs’ branding and messaging, working with Doculabs’ graphics and editorial staff to ensure the currency and consistency of the Doculabs brand across the firm’s consulting products and services. He also directs the development of white papers and oversees Doculabs’ participation in industry events, as well as developing and maintaining Doculabs’ relationships with partners and trade associations. B.S., Business and Marketing, Eastern Illinois University
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Richard Medina

Principal Consultant and Co-Founder

Richard is a co-founder and Doculabs’ resident expert in information lifecycle management, with knowledge of records management from all perspectives: people, process, and technology, as well as an understanding of best practices and how they apply within the real-world setting of the organization. His longstanding presence in the industry affords him an historical perspective on the problems of information management and the development of actionable strategies to address those problems – a perspective that informs his analysis of the dynamics and direction of the information management industry as a whole. In his more than 22 years with Doculabs, Richard has gained in-depth knowledge of the content management, records management, and infrastructure market spaces, as well as knowledge of the solution providers in those market spaces and their respective offerings. Richard was instrumental in developing Doculabs’ service offerings in repository inventory and taxonomy – critical components of the ongoing information lifecycle management that is the prerequisite for effective discovery. He has worked with clients in many industries, evaluating the required management capabilities for their electronically stored information and providing recommendations to improve their discovery readiness and overall management of unstructured content. Richard is a frequent speaker at industry conferences and has hosted and presented numerous online seminars, including webinars sponsored by AIIM. He is regularly published and quoted in leading industry publications, and regularly posts essays and opinion to Doculabs’ blog at doculabs.kinsta.cloud. B.A., Philosophy, Loyola University of Chicago; PhD Candidate, Massachusetts Institute of Technology
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Jeff Phillips

Principal Consultant

Jeff develops enterprise strategies for content management for clients in a wide range of industries, including many firms in the financial services sector. He brings particular expertise in the technologies and applications for web content management and portals, as well as social business applications, working with organizations to help them achieve their business goals and improve their management of information. He has created enterprise reference architectures for many organizations, providing the architectural framework to help them make better decisions concerning their technology investments, both present and future. He has also worked with many clients to apply the Center of Excellence (COE) approach to enterprise delivery of content services, offering a deep understanding of both the technology and non-technology aspects of the COE concept. Jeff has 19 years of experience in business strategy and information technology. Before joining Doculabs, he was president of Mindstep Corporation, a technology consulting firm specializing in web-based business applications and content-management-enabled intranets and web sites. B.A. Applied Technology, DePaul University
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Tom Roberts

Principal Consultant

Tom works with organizations that seek to use content management technologies to help them achieve their business goals. He brings more than 22 years of experience in business technology, focused on developing and delivering strategic plans and roadmaps to help Doculabs’ clients improve their enterprise content management (ECM) capabilities to create competitive advantage. He has consulted for clients in a wide range of industries, with a strong focus on the insurance and financial services industries. He is particularly knowledgeable of end-user requirements for ECM solutions and brings skill in defining requirements for organizations seeking to use these solutions for business benefit. He also understands the considerations involved in ECM portfolio rationalization and has worked to assist several global organizations in their system consolidation initiatives. Tom is also an expert in the document composition market and applications, and brings a deep understanding of the role of these technologies in customer communications, particularly for organizations that seek to use these tools for multi-channel delivery. Before joining Doculabs, Tom was a Consultant and Senior Project Manager for Advantech Solutions, a technology consultancy. Previously, he spent 21 years in operations and information technology leadership positions in various divisions of Allstate Insurance Company. B.S., Business Administration, Management Information Systems (minor), Michigan Technological University
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Amy Smith

Digital Marketing Manager

Amy Smith brings 20 years of marketing experience to Doculabs. Her focus has shifted in recent years toward digital marketing and the brand experience. As a brand experience professional, Amy drives growth by analyzing and optimizing experiences throughout brand and product interactions. At Doculabs, Amy is responsible for the development of the digital marketing strategy, with an emphasis on inbound marketing programs and improvements to web and brand experiences. Among other platforms, she keeps Google Analytics, HotJar, WordPress and HubSpot in her daily toolbelt. Prior to joining Doculabs, Amy managed inbound marketing programs for West Corporation, served as UX strategist for PhoneTree, and marketing strategist for Kilpatrick Design. MBA, Gardner-Webb University; BA, Mass Communication - Advertising & Public Relations, Winston-Salem State University; UX Certification, Nielsen Norman Group (Dec. 2015), License #1011502.
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Angela Alexander

Office Manager and Accounting Manager

Angela serves in dual roles as Doculabs’ Office Manager and Accounting Manager. As Office Manager, Angela’s responsibilities include managing calendar and travel arrangements for C-level executives, coordinating space, office organization, and office operations. She also reviews, tracks and prepares budgets, and maintains Doculabs’ records and databases. In her capacity as Doculabs’ Accounting Manager, Angela manages the company’s daily accounting activities, including posting and maintenance of general ledger accounts, payroll transactions, accounts payable, and general ledger adjustments. Her accounting responsibilities also include preparing for audit inquiries and providing financial analysis statements, including monthly balance sheets, income statements, cash flow statements, and actual-to-budget and last-year variance analysis. Angela has more than 20 years of experience in office administration, assuming responsibility for Doculabs’ accounting function in 2007. She previously worked in administrative positions at Chicago’s Near West Side Community Development Corporation, DynCorp (United States Coast Guard), and William Moorehead & Associates. Finance and Accounting for Non-financial Professionals, DePaul University; MFA, Spalding University; B.A., Liberal Arts, Columbia College
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