SharePoint and Workplace Collaboration

Collaboration is more than a buzzword. In the business world, an increasing proportion of work is project-related, and the ability to easily share information and communicate with other members of a project in a timely manner has become far more critical. Technologies which facilitate collaboration, such as Microsoft SharePoint, can also facilitate innovation, helping to give an organization a competitive edge.

But it’s not always easy for a company to identify which of its departments and which of its processes could benefit from a rollout of collaborative capabilities. Doculabs can work with you to identify potential applications for these capabilities, with use cases that range across your organization’s user groups and processes. We can then help you translate those use cases into requirements for specific collaboration functionality, then help you determine which of your existing systems can provide the capabilities for your defined use cases, as well as identifying any additional tools you may need to deliver the needed collaboration functionality.

For organizations using Microsoft SharePoint, we can help you roll it out right, to get the most business benefit from the solution’s support for collaborative capabilities.

Collaboration technologies are fast becoming foundational for maximizing the productivity of knowledge workers and for driving innovation, with capabilities to enhance interactivity, connectivity, and analysis. Let us help you use these technologies to capture knowledge capital and support your increasingly distributed, increasingly mobile workforce.