Managing the Multi-channel Environment for Customer Communications Management

For many organizations, document communications are a vital way of providing information to customers – whether in data-driven documents such as bills, statements, contracts, and policies, or in marketing collateral and promotional campaigns.

But if most of your customers are using digital devices to connect with others, shouldn’t your customer communications management program be using digital channels to connect with them? “Customer communications” no longer means publishing to print and mail output. The near-ubiquity of digital devices is making multi-channel delivery of customer communications an imperative, putting new focus on the digital experience.

Benefits of a Multi-channel Approach to Customer Communications Management

The Doculabs Customer Communications Management Practice

Our CCM practice provides the expertise to help you design and implement a vision for full, multi-channel customer experience management.

We’ll improve your ability to communicate across a range of dimensions, from use of e-forms, messaging and brand voice, to authoring and approval processes. We’ll help you navigate factors concerning the various platforms and devices.

The upshot of leveraging Doculabs to improve your customer communications management? Greater ability to automate your processes. Greater consistency of messaging across channels, with the assurance you’re complying with each channel’s requirements. And the ability to deliver the digital experience your customers now expect.