Doculabs White Papers

Technology expertise and market expertise are at the top of the list of what organizations are looking for in a consultant. But Doculabs understands that you’re also looking for the kind of thought leadership that can provide you an edge with the competition.

Doculabs built its reputation providing objective advice to organizations seeking to deploy solutions to manage their enterprise content. Over our 23-year history, we have offered our unique perspective on the trends in this rapidly changing market – in both our consulting engagements and in our publications. We invite you to take a look at our white papers for insight into our latest thinking on the key concepts of information management, as well as for valuable guidance in the issues we are helping our clients to address.

The Seven Roadblocks to Digital Transformation and eForms

True digital transformation of paper-based forms processes can present significant roadblocks to financial services organizations. Doculabs looks at these challenges and provides advice on how to overcome them. DOWNLOAD WHITE PAPER

Information Governance 2.0

Information governance is the control of an organization’s information to meet its regulatory, litigation, and risk objectives. Doculabs outlines a framework for how firms can greatly improve control functions, while also realizing the value of their information. DOWNLOAD WHITE PAPER

The CISO’s Six-Step Guide to Managing Application Risk

Applications that are no longer in active use not only waste budget dollars, they also present security risk to an organization. Here, a six-step approach for how CISOs can retire these applications and reduce this application risk. DOWNLOAD WHITE PAPER

The Strategic Transformation of Regulatory Affairs Operations in Life Sciences

Regulatory Affairs Operations is a critical component of the life sciences value chain—to be approached as strategically as R&D or clinical operations. Optimizing this function also helps address the growing challenges of operational and regulatory complexity. DOWNLOAD WHITE PAPER

Bringing TRUE Quality Planning to Regulatory Content Management Challenges through QBD

To address today’s market challenges, pharma firms should put new focus on process excellence in the regulatory processes, applying the concept of Quality By Design to optimize and streamline processes associated with managing regulatory content. DOWNLOAD WHITE PAPER

Transforming Information Security with Information Management

The InfoSec domain is transforming the role of the CISO, expanding to include the identification, management, and disposition of sensitive data. Here, a plan for how CISOs should address these information management challenges. DOWNLOAD WHITE PAPER

Life Sciences, Content, and the Cloud

Doculabs presents its recommended approach to evaluating cloud ECM platforms, identifying applications that offer the best opportunities for cloud-based ECM in the life sciences—for even the largest organizations in the industry. DOWNLOAD WHITE PAPER

Information Management: The Weakest Link in the Kill Chain

For many organizations, data theft is the weakest link in the cyberattack kill chain. Doculabs outlines an approach CISOs can implement to improve information management, as part of a strategy to defend against this security vulnerability. DOWNLOAD WHITE PAPER

Data Lifecycle Management and Information Governance

How do you purge your data? Are your data management practices in compliance with recordkeeping conventions and with legal standards? Doculabs reports some surprising findings about how companies approach data lifecycle management. DOWNLOAD WHITE PAPER