Doculabs Practice Areas

Over more than 25 years of consulting for Fortune 1000 firms, Doculabs has developed deep experience in information management—expanding our knowledge base and adapting services to meet market needs as business strategies and technologies evolve.

Currently our consultants focus on four primary information management disciplines:

Information Risk and Governance

The Doculabs practice in information governance takes a holistic approach to information governance—one that encompasses how data is managed behind firewalls and seeks to reduce the footprint of sensitive data.


Digitization is a critical component of enterprise content management. Our digitization practice focuses on making the transition from paper-based processes, to digital technologies that can speed business processes, while also reducing the costs—and the risks—associated with managing paper processes.

Digital Workplace

Doculabs centers a practice on the evolving digital workplace. We provide expert insights on defining collaboration requirements, selecting the technologies that best enable the agility you need in your workplace, and achieving successful implementations of content management and collaboration tools, such as Office 365.

Customer Communications Management

Our CCM practice focuses on how to design and implement full, multi-channel customer experience management, incorporating born-digital tools such as e-signatures and e-forms to improve customer experience and business processes.

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