You probably can’t take all the paper out of your business. But you can take it out of your processes.

Doculabs can help. Our Digitization Practice provides services to help you make the transition from paper-based processes to digital technologies that can speed those business processes, while also reducing the costs—and the risks—associated with pushing paper.

We’ll help you identify where you can leverage technologies like capture, e-forms, and content management to automate and improve the flow of information in your business processes. We’ll help you select the tools that best meet your application needs, including new tools for machine learning and artificial intelligence. We’ll even help you make the business case for going digital, with industry stats to help you calculate the ROI.

We’ve worked with hundreds of organizations to identify their opportunities for automation and straight-through processing, then helped them roll out the technologies to go digital. To learn more about Digitization - JOIN OUR NEWSLETTER | CONTACT US


Information Risk and Governance

Today, every organization has to worry about the risks surrounding the governance of its information assets. With increased threats from both internal and external sources, unmanaged information now presents significant regulatory and compliance risks, particularly where sensitive data is concerned.

Doculabs’ practice in Information Risk and Governance is designed to help you take a holistic approach to information governance—one thatencompasses how you manage the data behind your firewalls. We’ll assess the data you’re storing and where you’re storing it. We’ll also review and update your policies and procedures. And we’ll help you execute a legally defensible cleanup and migration of data.

The result? Information secured in the right repository, and for only as long as it’s business-relevant, with the most sensitive and at-risk data under the tightest control—and all those redundant, outdated, and trivial (ROT) files purged from your repositories. The benefits? Reduced risk surface. Improved compliance.The capability to manage the lifecycle of your business records and other information assets,going forward.

It’s time to make information governance an ongoing commitment. Let ushelp you develop and implement an approach that helps ensure the security and protection of your corporate data.To learn more about Information Risk and Management - JOIN OUR NEWSLETTER | CONTACT US


Customer Communications Management (CCM)

If most of your customers are using digital devices to connect with others, shouldn’t you be using digital channels to connect with them?“Customer communications” no longer means publishing to print and mail output. The near-ubiquity of digital devices is making multi-channel delivery of customer communications almost an imperative, putting new focus on the digital experience. Doculabs’ Customer Communications Management practice encompasses this new reality, offering the expertise to help you design and implement a vision for full, multi-channel customer experience management.

We’ll improve your ability to communicate across a range of dimensions, from use of e-forms, messaging and brand voice, to authoring and approval processes. We’ll help you navigate factors concerning the various platforms and devices.

The upshot of leveraging Doculabs? Greater ability to automate your processes. Greater consistency of messaging across channels, with the assurance you’re complying with each channel’s requirements. And the ability to deliver the digital experience your customers now expect. To learn more about CCM - JOIN OUR NEWSLETTER | CONTACT US


Digital Workplace

The nature of work has been transformed. Whether from remote locations, on distributed teams, or just across workgroups spanning multiple departments, the underlying requirement is for tools to make it easier to work together—to collaboratein self-organizing and cross-functional teams, with customers and partners—in today’s agile environment.

It’s why Doculabs centers a practice on the evolving digital workplaceand one of the principal tools for providing collaboration functionality,Microsoft Office 365. We offer the consulting services to help you find the best way of provisioning digital capabilities to your own workforce—whether that’s through SharePoint, or cloudtools, or a strategy for more targeted use of O365.

As the industry experts in content management, we can help you define your collaboration requirements, then help you leverage atool and the provider that best enables the agility you need in your workplace. From there, we’ll help you roll it out with an approachthat not only ensures standards and guidelines across your information assets, but also achieves the buy-in of the people who’ll be using it.

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