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February 9, 2016
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February 15, 2016

Doculabs and KRM Form Partnership to Offer Consulting Services in Global Information Governance

Recognizing a gap in the global management of content, two great teams are announcing a partnership to help their clients better prepare for the future of Global Information Governance (GIG): Doculabs (U.S.) and KRM (Switzerland). The partnership brings together two powerhouses in information governance to provide consulting services in global information governance.

Large global organizations are investing millions of dollars in big data to help find the critical information to enable them to make better decisions. However, they are significantly underinvested in the tools or practices to manage their information – information that already contains many of the reports and research that big data is hunting, with answers to help them improve productivity and revenue growth. More to the point, Doculabs and KRM both understand the challenges of international governance, which is much more than just simply following one ruleset, and that governance should not be a regulatory burden, but a best practice for running your global business.

Part of this challenge has been the lack of a comprehensive service offering that combines the legal, process, and technological expertise that organizations require in order to make and enact decisions on how they can most effectively improve the organizational delivery and use of their information. No matter what you call it—Big Data, Knowledge Management, ECM—organizations continue to struggle to make use of their information as an asset. Instead, they perceive it as a liability, as fodder for the shared drive, or (most often) the glut in the email archive.

Doculabs and KRM want to reset your organization’s use of information and show you a better way.

Some of the unique qualities of our partnership:

  • Global expertise
  • KRM MATRIO® Methodology to significantly reduce time to deploy information governance processes
  • Doculabs’ Infographic Deliverables to communicate the benefits and plans to executive audiences
  • Experts from both firms with more than 20 years of experience in the legal and technology aspects of information management and governance

For more information on the Doculabs-KRM partnership, check the GIG services page of our web site.

To learn more about our capabilities, contact:

About Doculabs

Doculabs is a strategy consulting firm; our clients rely on us to help them improve the way they manage information. We provide services such as the development of strategic roadmaps and business cases, program management design, and content migration assistance.

About KRM

The Competence Centre Records Management (KRM) focuses its services on information governance and runs the first competence center in this domain in Europe. Our value proposition for our clients is our ability to combine traditional concepts of IT and information management science with the new world of systems of engagement (social media, mobility).  We have a practical sense for the performance and conformance aspects of information governance, with a strong focus on viability, pragmatism, and quick wins.


James Watson
James Watson
I’m President and co-founder of Doculabs, serving as executive sponsor on consulting engagements for financial services clients.