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Digital Transformation With Process Management & Automation

AIIM-Webinar Digital Darwinism

AIIM Webinar Digital Transformation

Here’s a summary of my AIIM webinar, Digital Darwinism: Real Digital Transformation for your Automation Projects, that I presented with Parascript on September 18.

Click here to view the Webinar in its entirety! 

The AIIM Webinar focused on Digital Transformation by examining process management, robotic process automation (RPA) and automation in general. 

Here’s an outline of the main sections I covered:

  • Approaches to digital transformation;
  • Matching capabilities with the kind of digital transformation you’re undertaking;
  • Ways to sequence your digital transformation projects;
  • Useful categories for organizing a broad enterprise automation strategy; and
  • Roadmap highlights.

As I ended my portion of the webinar with roadmap highlights, I included details on capabilities and opportunities. 

In the second half of the webinar there was a presentation by Greg Council, VP of marketing and product management for the webinar’s sponsor, Parascript. 

Interested in viewing the AIIM Digital Darwinism webinar?

To see the seminar, click here.

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Rich Medina
Rich Medina
I’m a Principal Consultant and co-founder of Doculabs, and the resident expert in using ECM for information lifecycle management.