April 27, 2018
White Paper Roadblocks Digital Transformation

The Seven Roadblocks to Digital Transformation and eForms

True digital transformation of paper-based forms processes can present significant roadblocks to financial services organizations. Doculabs looks at these challenges and provides advice on how to overcome them.
June 22, 2017
White Paper Roadblocks Digital Transformation

The CISO’s Six-Step Guide to Managing Application Risk

Many organizations have hundreds of applications which are no longer in active use. Beyond wasting budget dollars, such applications present a clear and present security risk to the enterprise. In this white paper, Doculabs outlines a six-step approach for how CISOs can address this application risk.
March 2, 2017
White Paper Roadblocks Digital Transformation

Information Management: The Weakest Link in the Kill Chain

For many organizations, data theft is the weakest link in the cyberattack kill chain. This white paper outlines an approach CISOs can implement to improve information management as part of a strategy to defend against this security vulnerability.  
May 19, 2016
White Paper Roadblocks Digital Transformation

Bringing TRUE Quality Planning to Regulatory Content Management Challenges through QBD

The pharmaceutical industry can address today’s market challenges by putting new focus on process excellence in areas such as the regulatory processes. In this white paper, Joe Shepley of Doculabs and Christopher Hanna of Kattner-Thalmann Partners show how to apply […]