March 15, 2018
IBM Think ECM Doculabs

IBM Think 2018 Preview: Automating Content Services

By focusing on content services, IBM acknowledges that storing content isn’t the point. It’s the ability to automate content-related processes, provide workers with more tools and add robotics. It’s adding value to content and how we get work done.
February 21, 2018
Managing Abandoned Data

Video: What to Do With Abandoned Data

What do you do with content with no owner? Build a policy and process to quarantine and dispose of orphaned data. But watch out for legal hold or record-worthiness.
February 7, 2018
Data and How to Tackle Intergenerational Wealth Management

Video: Intergenerational Wealth Management Approach—How to Retain Management

As baby-boomers age, their wealth is being transferred to members of the next generation. In this video, Rich Medina outlines the challenges financial services firms face as they figure out how to effectively retain the management of those funds.
January 31, 2018
EFSS the New ECM: Box Google Dropbox

Can EFSS Become the New ECM? A Look at Three Leading Players

EFSS may originally have come in through the back door, but for some organizations, these simpler tools do an effective job of managing most of an organization’s content.