October 18, 2018
The Three Components of Digital Transformation

Video: Three Components of Successful Digital Transformation

There are three components that drive success when you embark upon a Digital Transformation effort. These are: top down executive support; a culture of process improvement that points to improving business processes; and a mature technology infrastructure function that emphasizes standardization.
August 28, 2018
Information Management in Utilities Energy

Information Management Practices in the Energy and Utilities Sectors—The Core Principles

The better you manage your content in the energy and utility sectors, the better set up you are to increase performance, cut costs and maximize profits. Here are some key steps you need to establish or refurbish your Information Management principles and policies.
July 2, 2018
InfoSec Eliminate Redundant Data

Case Study in Content Migration: Eliminate Redundant Data

A Doculabs' content cleanup and migration project helped an energy company move from shared drives to an ECM solution. The global energy company found that almost half the content on its corporate drives was obsolete or otherwise subject to disposition. Getting rid of that data helped clear the way for the migration.
April 12, 2017
Change Management Information Security Information Management

Change Management Initiatives in Information Security and Information Management

In this post, Joe Shepley takes up change management—typically the most overlooked aspect of information management. Understand, though, that you’re about to change the way everyone works with their day-to-day business documents—and commit accordingly to doing some change management on behalf of those users.