A leading global manufacturer of glass containers had implemented a number of enterprise content management (ECM) software solutions over the years, across its various departments and facilities. The company was considering consolidating its technology portfolio and standardizing on a single ECM solution, but wanted an objective estimate of the cost and the potential return on investment (ROI) to justify undertaking these initiatives.

The Challenge
Consolidating to a single standard solution for ECM would require significant effort, over approximately 4 years. The client needed hard-dollar estimates of the business benefits of such an initiative, which required looking at high-value business processes to identify specific areas where improved ability to manage and share information across business units and global locations would provide quantifiable cost savings. The client recognized it needed an expert and objective perspective, and commissioned Doculabs to develop a business case for its proposed consolidation, as the final phase of an ongoing strategy consulting engagement.

The Solution
Doculabs interviewed key stakeholders across the client organization to understand the client’s strategic priorities and the likely business drivers for the proposed ECM program. Based on information from these discussions, Doculabs identified four critical processes where ECM standardization would provide readily quantifiable benefits: contract management, protection of intellectual property, archival to the client’s ERP system, and e-discovery. Doculabs then used client-provided cost data and industry cost data to develop estimates of the likely ROI for the planned consolidation and implementation, showing that two of the business drivers – improved capabilities for contract management and discovery – could each hold seven-figure returns annually for the client. In the project deliverable, Doculabs itemized a wide range of additional business benefits, tying them to corporate strategic priorities, to further demonstrate the value of proceeding with the consolidation initiative.

Doculabs’ Value to the Client
In a 12-week consulting engagement, Doculabs provided recommendations to consolidate the client’s entire ECM technology portfolio. In the final phase of this project, Doculabs delivered the information the client required in order to justify the cost of moving ahead with those recommendations. Doculabs provided expert analysis of existing processes, application of client-specific and industry data, and an objective assessment of the specific areas of business benefit, aligning them to the client’s corporate objectives to ensure a strong business case for the initiative.