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July 19, 2018

Video: InfoSec in Healthcare Services

InfoSec in healthcare affects three areas: pharma, hospitals and payers. There will be breaches, so you need to be prepared. There’s too much data out there that’s well past its operational life. And managing patient data with good governance is paramount.
July 15, 2018

The Keys to a Successful Office 365 Migration

An Office 365 migration requires open communication and an interdisciplinary governance committee with members that hail from IT, InfoSec, the business and other key areas. It’s an opportunity to store—or—eliminate unneeded data.
July 12, 2018

Video: The Doculabs Take on Digital Transformation

Digital transformation is a challenge—or opportunity—that can create enormous value for organizations. First, though, you need to determine which of four phases your company may find itself on that journey.
July 9, 2018

Business First, Collaboration Technologies Second

Here are some simple steps you can take to focus, first, on the right business scenarios and processes before you figure out the right collaboration technologies.
July 2, 2018

Content Migration Case Study: “Let’s Get Rid of that ROT.”

A Doculabs' content cleanup and migration project helped one organization move from shared drives to an ECM solution. The global energy company found that almost half the content on its corporate drives was obsolete or otherwise subject to disposition. Getting rid of that data helped clear the way for the migration.