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November 20, 2017

Video: Application Decommissioning for InfoSec – Step 3

Application decommissioning is a long-term undertaking. Doculabs’ Joe Shepley on the all-important initial planning phase, including discovery, planning, and remediation of system repositories.
November 15, 2017

Multi-generational Wealth Management: Why It’s So Difficult

As the wealth of aging baby-boomers passes on to the next generation, it’s in danger of leaving the firms which managed those assets for all those years. James Watson argues that technology can provide tools to help financial service firms retain the management of wealth across generations.
November 13, 2017

How to Make It Easier to Comply with GDPR

Reducing the volume of unnecessary data in your organization’s repositories not only helps you better protect your sensitive data, it also makes it easier to comply with various provisions of GDPR—as well as any similar U.S. regulations now being implemented at the state level.
November 8, 2017

Robotic Process Automation: Separating Fact from Fiction

Talk to the people who are actually doing RPA, and you might hear a somewhat different story from the one you heard hyping the technology at your last industry conference. James Watson reports from where the RPA rubber meets the RPA road.
November 6, 2017

Information Governance Is Really Econ 101

You can build a retention and deletion schedule, and get buy-in for following it, by looking at the “value” of information with respect to supply and demand.