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With no obvious best practice choice when it comes to file analytics software, some organizations will choose a “Cadillac” approach. Information management expert Joe Shepley outlines what you should expect from best-of-breed file analytics software when money is (almost) no object.

Your choice of file analytics software depends upon your financial and technical constraints.

With no obvious best practice or just one way to succeed, there are three approaches:

  • Cadillac Approach – Whole hog, best of breed; no limitations
  • Yugo Approach – You have really constrained funds, resources and technology
  • Honda Approach – Between the two. You have some freedom to move, some constraints.

What to expect from best-of-breed file analytics software:

The “Cadillac” approach to file analytics involves buying top-of-the-line software. These usually contain:

  • Regular expressions & wrapper meta-data
  • Out of the box rule-sets
  • Some artificial intelligence and natural language processing
  • Great dashboards
  • Some migration capabilities built-in so you can act on what you find
  • Great UI (user interface)

I’ll present expectations for other levels of file analytics software in future posts.

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Joe Shepley
Joe Shepley
I’m VP and Practice Lead, focusing on developing Doculabs’ InfoSec practice and its applications in a wide range of industries.