The client was a nationwide financial services firm. The company sought to assess its print and mail function against the capabilities and services of its industry peers, to better understand how its operations compared those of its competitors in the financial services industry and to identify areas where processes could be improved to incorporate industry best practices.

The Challenge
The client organization had recently merged with another firm and operated print-and-mail services at a total of four sites. It sought an independent, objective perspective on all key categories of its print and mail services, in order to understand current “best-in-class” practices and to identify areas where the company could realize greater efficiencies and cost savings. Most of its print-and-mail management team had long tenures at their respective firms, and recognized the value that an independent, third-party would provide in a benchmark assessment of the existing operations.

The Solution
Doculabs reviewed key metrics on the client’s print and mail operations across all four of the print-and-mail centers and visited its main location for operational tours and to validate the data. Doculabs then evaluated the centers’ respective capabilities and financial metrics in key categories, including business continuity, quality mechanisms, customer satisfaction, technical capabilities, and vendor management. Doculabs also evaluated pricing of the client’s services and compared the findings against data for similar firms, identifying the client’s strengths and weaknesses from a best practices perspective. Finally, Doculabs developed specific recommendations for the organization in each of the categories of comparison.

Doculabs’ Value to the Client
The benchmark assessment provided an expert and objective assessment of the client’s print and mail operations, across all dimensions – an evaluation of the client’s print and mail operations against a set of pre-defined criteria, backed with data from the findings of benchmark assessments conducted at other financial services firms. The 3-month engagement provided the client a baseline assessment in areas ranging from customer satisfaction, to business continuity capabilities, to use of supporting technologies, enabling the organization to take steps to improve its overall print and mail capabilities, providing the data it needed to make the business case for initiatives such as post-merger consolidation of some operations.