January 15, 2018

CCM in 2018: New Uses, New Requirements

Some prognostications and predictions for 2018, from Doculabs’ own resident guru in customer communications management (CCM)—how CCM tools will be put to use to meet new requirements.
October 16, 2017

Should You Use the Same System for Document Publication and Forms Processing?

Multi-channel, bi-directional communications present different requirements than the flat, static, paper communications of the past. Tom Roberts explains why it’s probably a mistake to use the same tool for both document publishing and forms processing
September 18, 2017

When Disaster Strikes, How Do You Communicate with Your Customers?

Disasters, natural and otherwise, create challenges for insurance providers. It’s why web and mobile communication are even more critical for communicating with policyholders—and for making the claims process less burdensome.
April 24, 2017

Vertical Solutions: The Next Wave of ECM in the Cloud

Tom Roberts has been doing some research on cloud computing for the enterprise. Here, he presents some down-to-earth ideas about the future market for integrated vertical solutions for ECM, capable of addressing commodity-type business functions.