August 10, 2016
Information Management Procedures

Defensible Disposition in a Nutshell (Part 1)

In addressing the problem of over-retention of electronic information, day-forward information disposition is easier; disposition of historical information is the tougher nut to crack. Some tips on how to go about it.
August 3, 2016
eDiscovery in Office 365

Which Part of E-Discovery Should You Fix First?

If you’re focused on improving e-discovery capabilities, the two most important variables you want to impact are risk and cost. So think about the stages of the e-discovery process that stand to reduce both cost and risk.
July 26, 2016
Information Management Procedures

The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly of Defensible Disposition

Doculabs' Rich Medina outlines a four-step methodology for addressing defensible disposition as part of a larger program for enterprise content management.
May 16, 2016

Best Practices for Highly Effective Corporate Information Governance Programs

We’ve helped many organizations put together information governance programs. Herewith, a set of best practices for implementing an IG program—or for assessing the existing IG program at your own organization.