September 22, 2014

CMSWire: Quick-Start Guide to Archiving Documents in the Cloud

Understand your archiving requirements and the pros and cons of cloud-based archiving – before you take the leap to the cloud.
September 17, 2014

Reflections on InfoGovCon 2014

How information governance (IG) is different today, and how to get from 1999 IG to 2019 IG.
June 5, 2014

SharePoint, Workflow, and Digital Signatures in Three Pictures

Visual aids to demonstrate once and for all where digital signatures fit into the workflow/BPM cosmos, including SharePoint workflow capabilities.
May 23, 2014

CMSWire: Be Pragmatic to Succeed in Information Governance

This post originally appeared on the CMSWire blog. If I had to encapsulate in one phrase everything I’ve learned about doing information governance (IG) and related disciplines over the last 20-odd years, it’s that you should be pragmatic. Being pragmatic […]