April 30, 2018
Can You Execute Your ECM Strategy on Box

Can You Execute Your ECM Strategy on Box?

Box is challenging Microsoft in the enterprise ECM space. When analyzing both systems’ capabilities, there are pros and cons to using one or the other platform.
April 27, 2018
White Paper Roadblocks Digital Transformation

The Seven Roadblocks to Digital Transformation and eForms

True digital transformation of paper-based forms processes can present significant roadblocks to financial services organizations. Doculabs looks at these challenges and provides advice on how to overcome them.
April 23, 2018
How To Avoid Information Architecture Disaster

When Cleaning Network Drives, Avoid an Information Architecture Disaster

If you’re undertaking a migration from network drives to Office 365 or other similar tools, make sure to invest some time in defining the information architecture for that new environment—i.e. how the documents you migrate are going to be organized in the new system.
January 9, 2018
ECM Predictions 2018

A Look Ahead at ECM in 2018, from Both the Vendor and Customer Sides

Looking at the future for ECM, we see more application-specific ECM cloud solutions and more pay-per-use contracts. IBM and OpenText will focus on their products. And users will revisit their content management requirements and use cases.