January 23, 2018
Fixing Marketing Communications 2

Collaboration in 2018: More Integrated, More Social

The new collaboration tools are simplifying the old workflow for document-sharing, providing greater integration across applications and incorporating capabilities from social media that go well beyond simple file-sharing.
January 11, 2018

What’s the Issue with EFSS?

Electronic file sync and share (EFSS) applications are increasingly popular tools for content management and collaboration. So why are some IT organizations looking to take them away?
October 13, 2017
eDiscovery in Office 365

E-discovery Capabilities in Office 365 

If you've been wondering about the e-discovery functional capabilities of Microsoft Office 365, here's some help in determining whether they'll meet your information governance needs.
July 17, 2017
Office 365 Controlling the Uncontrollable

Office 365: Controlling the Uncontrollable

Some ideas for how to address the complexity of the myriad applications within Office 365, to help manage technology governance, regulatory compliance, records management, and electronic discovery of the content created in those applications.