September 10, 2014

Just Give Me a Laminated Card!

Why is disposition so hard? Just decide, already, and tell IT what they can blow away – even if it’s not all that much!
August 22, 2014

Web Content Publishing: What Do I Need to Do to be Half as Good as the Washington Post or Yahoo?

Commerce and media web sites set a very high bar for web content publishing. Here, a brief discussion of the basic pieces necessary for a corporate web site to meet that standard.
August 18, 2014

Communications Simplification: Why Is It So Hard to Explain Simple Concepts with Simple Terms?

Some suggestions for making B2C communications intelligible to Joe and JoAnn Q. Public – and why firms just might want to do so.
June 2, 2014

Video: CCM Template Migration

Many insurance carriers are implementing new platforms for customer communications. Here, the considerations for the communications themselves, as you move to a new platform.